Welcome to the Conference on Physics of Active Matter

Suzhou, China, May 12-16, 2015

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Physics of Active Matter, Suzhou, 2015

Active matter is a fast developing field of interdisciplinary research dealing with out of equilibrium systems where energy is spent at the local scale to produce some motion. It thus covers a broad range of phenomena, like the flocking of birds, swarming of bacteria, the spatiotemporal self-organization of the cytoskeleton, self-propelled colloidal and granular particles, etc. Statistical physics can be viewed as central in so far as it investigates, across many time- and length-scales, the general properties governing these phenomena at the collective level.


The conference will be held at the Center for Soft Condensed Matter Physics & Interdisciplinary Research, Soochow University, Suzhou, China, from May 12 to 16, 2015. It will focus on the statistical physics of active matter. We expect it to be a major opportunity to catch the latest trends and results from key researchers in the active matter community. Many of the most prominent researchers in that field have indeed agreed to deliver invited lectures. We hope that this major international event will also help strengthening the budding Chinese active matter community.


Companion event:

The conference will be preceded by a Spring School to be held at the Beijing Computational Science Research Center on May 9-10. The school aims at providing basic conceptual grounding on quantitative studies of active matter phenomena using experimental, computational, and analytical approaches. More information about the school can be found at http://www.csrc.ac.cn/actm15/index.html



Hugues Chaté, Yu-qiang Ma and Xia-qing Shi


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Soochow University, Suzhou, China

Soochow University is located in the ancient town of Suzhou, also called "Paradise on Earth". The university is part of the national "211 Project" and is a "2011 Plan" university. It is also one of the Jiangsu provincial key comprehensive universities. It has grown from the former Soochow University founded in 1900...

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Center for Soft Condensed Matter Physics & Interdisciplinary Research, Soochow University

The Center for Soft Condensed Matter and Interdisciplinary Research is an innovative scientific platform in Soochow University. Its research focuses on soft matter systems, using experimental, theoretical and simulation methods to study the frontier problems in this multi-disciplinary field....